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تقييم حالة العميل

  • From Wizkid to Tems, Afrobeats is Making the World

    2022年1月12日· Now, artists from Africa are rapidly reshaping the sound and texture of pop music — and Afrobeats just had its biggest year ever2023年1月3日· African stars make Rolling Stone’s 200 Greatest Singers of All Time African music greats including Afrobeat founder Fela Kuti, Senegalese tenor Youssou N’Dour, South African vocal powerhouseAfrican stars make Rolling Stone’s 200 Greatest Singers

  • The 40 Best Afropop Songs of 2022 Rolling Stone

    2022年12月28日· Rolling Stone’ s inaugural list of Afropop’s top songs scans West, East, and Southern Africa for singles that defined seasons, scenes, moods, and movements2023年1月9日· The American monthly magazine Rolling Stone has compiled a list of the 200 greatest male and female singers of all time, especially in pop music This list alsoRolling Stone: African singers on the list of the 200 greatest

  • 8 African Artists Make Rolling Stone's "200 Greatest Singers

    2023年1月14日· Sade Adu is the highestranked African singer at position 51 Rolling Stone said the NigerianBritish singer has “proved herself the ultimate smooth operator,”2023年1月10日· According to the list, Sade Adu is the highestranked African singer at position 51 Rolling Stone said the NigerianBritish singer has “proved herself the ultimate smooth operator”, addingRolling Stones recognises eight African artist on list of

  • Burna Boy: Rise of the African Superstar Rolling Stone UK

    Burna Boy poses for Rolling Stone UK (Picture: Daniel Obasi) The rush to amapiano or Kumasi drill — and Burna Boy has delivered defining hits for both genres, including2021年7月2日· Music Inside the Rise of Amapiano, the Genre That’s Taking Over South Africa and Coming to a Dance Floor Near You “I think it’s the first time a genre of oursSouth African Amapiano: Birth, Rise, and Where It's

  • How Sarkodie Rewrote the Rules of African HipHop Rolling Stone

    2022年11月9日· International Rap God How Sarkodie Rewrote the Rules of African HipHop The Ghanaian rapper goes deep on his second album in two years, rhyming in Twi,2023年11月3日· Kendrick Lamar’s pgLang, Global Citizen Team to Launch African Touring Circuit The artist will perform an event called Move Afrika: Rwanda next month, kickingRolling Stone Kendrick Lamar's pgLang and Global Citizen Team

  • American Trained Soldiers Keep Overthrowing Governments Rolling Stone

    2023年2月25日· There have been at least seven coups led by soldiers who trained with Americans forces in Africa in recent years and the security situation only seems to be getting worse Burkina Faso's coup2021年7月2日· This piece originally appeared as part of Rolling Stone ’s annual Hot List, in the JulyAugust issue of the magazine At Afropunk’s 2019 New Year’s Eve festival in South Africa, DJ Moma wasSouth African Amapiano: Birth, Rise, and Where It's Headed Rolling Stone

  • Killing of Meredith Hunter

    Killing of Meredith Hunter Meredith Curly Hunter Jr (October 24, 1951 – December 6, 1969) was an American man who was killed at the 1969 Altamont Free Concert During the performance by the Rolling Stones, Hunter approached the stage, and was violently driven off by members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club who had agreed to prevent2009年8月20日· Ginger Baker shouts at the South African sunrise His ritual morning curse complete, the 69yearold drummer for Cream takes a deep pull on his morphine inhaler and throws his body back into theThe Devil and Ginger Baker Rolling Stone

  • It’s Time We Tell the Truth About The Rolling Stones

    2021年9月15日· Black culture was as much a part of their lives as anyone else growing up in the deep south or the heart of Detroit It’s unavoidable This was not the case with the Rolling Stones growing up in2023年2月26日· In 1960, a document declassified on January 18, 2023, following Rolling Stone’s request, showcases the FBI’s use of three confidential informants, again regarding the AfricanAmerican StudentsThe FBI’s Persecution of Sidney Poitier Rolling Stone

  • Rolling Stone College Board Caves to DeSantis, Guts African

    February 1, 2023 Florida Gov Ron DeSantis Matias J Ocner/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service/Getty Images The College Board has stripped down its proposed Advanced Placement African AmericanAug 28, 2022 10:25 am A t dawn, the first rays of the sun peek over the horizon, making the Sahel a Mars red Skinny Nigérien soldiers in surplus American Marine desert uniforms buzz around inWest Africa: Fighting America's Shadow War Rolling Stone

  • Santana Interview: ‘Africa Speaks,’ Woodstock Rolling Stone

    By Kory Grow June 27, 2019 Carlos Santana discusses his new 'Africa Speaks' LP, his summer tour and the legacy of Woodstock Maryanne Bilham* To this day, before Carlos Santana hits the stageRema, the Nigerian star bringing ‘Afrorave’ from Benin City to the world The Nigerian artist has created “Afrorave”, his very own brand of Afrobeats, yet he claims to be merely part of a wider movement to bring African music to the West As he prepares to stage his debut UK solo show in September, it’s clear that his ambitionRolling Stone UK Rema, the Nigerian star bringing ‘Afrorave

  • Rolling Stone South Africa | Top News in Music Industry

    This time we will talk about her new hit single Dual Lipa has release a new single called Swan Song and become a real hit in a short time Check out the official video here on the Rolling Stone South Africa website for that它起初只是作为滚石 唱片公司 Rolling Stone Records所设计的标志,但丰满的嘴唇巨大的舌头太具冲击力了,让其成了摇滚界最“出圈”的一个设计。 滚石乐队 的巨大影响力我们可以在现代流行文化的方方面面得以窥见。如何评价滚石(the rolling stones)乐队?

  • Rolling Stone Chance The Rapper on Building his Black Star Line

    2022年11月22日· “We don’t have no movies about Marcus Garvey and the Black Star Line,” Chance the Rapper tells me about the influential PanAfricanist leader and his shortlived steamship company designed2023年8月9日· Rodriguez, the obscure Seventies rocker whose music was rediscovered thanks to the documentary 'Searching for Sugar Man,' has died at the age of 81Rodriguez, 'Searching for Sugar Man' Rocker, Dead at 81 Rolling Stone

  • Rolling Stone Joe Manganiello Discovered He’s PartBlack and

    2023年1月15日· Joe Manganiello on Discovering He’s PartBlack and Descended From Slaves True Blood and Magic Mike ’s star opens up about his groundbreaking Finding Your Roots episode Plus, see exclusive2020年11月24日· A new book dives into the sometimesunappreciated role of Black women in creating and shaping rock and roll The lyrics and sound of the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” have resonated withMeet the Black women behind rock and roll Futurity

  • Why Are More Black Men Voting Republican? Rolling Stone

    2022年12月4日· On November 6, 2012, African Americans, the party’s most loyal demographic, “It’s hogwash I don’t know who they are talking about in the Democratic party,” he told Rolling Stone2014年6月26日· Michael Jackson: Black Superhero AfricanAmerican artists and intellectuals, from JayZ to Henry Louis Gates, weigh in on Jackson’s legacy When Michael Jackson was a boy, you didn’t have toMichael Jackson: Black Superhero Rolling Stone

  • Rolling Stone How the Tulsa Massacre Robbed Generations of

    2021年6月4日· We do have some reasonable estimates of what was lost by black Tulsans, in terms of property At the time, the property loss claims that were filed in the aftermath of the massacre amounted to2023年7月20日· When Dr Karlos K Hill first watched Jason Aldean ’s video for “Try That in a Small Town,” he saw the current conservative American political moment flash before his eyes “It’s theRolling Stone The 'MAGA Narrative' In Jason Aldean's 'Try That

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